we met,ate and chat!!

So many things happened lately..will update later on that!

After so long,

we had a family get-together the other day,in Subang @ aunt’s place (new home).
It was a first gathering held since they shifted .

Trust me,I had a blissful moments after so long'with all, exclusively with the small ones!

Oh Yeah!


Issssssh,I have to remind myself again..

that I m friggin  24 this year and on the other hand my youngest cousin just  touching 5…I feel toooooo old!!

The age gap is sort of gigantic to be called as sista!!!

Don’t  cha think so? L

By the way,
The day started off,

By swallowing aunty’s yummylicios lunch preparation,

Then I and my cousin,locked up ourselves to catch up on “just-for-us-to know”

“Snap me,snap her,snap him,snap us” went on till night,OKAY!

Then we bullied the young ones.

“Ghost and freaky stories session in aunt’s room”

Oh yeah,was amazed to see electronic monopoly!(we use to play manually those days L )

For dinner,all of us whacked mee hoon goreng.

Then we chiowed back,with the hope of meeting again pretty soon! 

p/s;gatherings photo will be uploaded soon..i shall end here by posting a beautiful pic of my couzie,snapped by ME during x-mas! J

..hershey's made day..

it's 2012..

hold it,i m aging..24!might not sound that old,unless you are in ma shoe..

2010..2011..or 2012...
i dont really see much different in me..i mean,i m just the same old brand new me.

i admit,i m way matured,wiser,stronger n bla bla bla...but at end of the day i m still the old me even those years pass by :P

let me admit!
working life surely sucks..especially when you have a manager who keeps stressing you'by dumping tons of work with datelines which ends in 1 or 2 days time,tens-ing you with her cranky-ness nevertheless trying na prove she's right all the TUT-ing time.

wish,i could resign and walk off...but i freaking cant..
i need to send two months notice..isssh!

believe me or not'
first two weeks of every month,
gives me a total nightmare..stress to death!!!

its gonna start tomorrow...grrrrr...feels like wrapping myself in duvet and pretending sick!

----moment of silent as i feel so pity-fied thinking of coming week------

by the way..

what's new?hmmm...let me list down!

1)Sadly i m hired for permanent position.
2) I dont really have time for myself lately.
3) I got an allergic..screw it,as i dont why!!my eyes get swollen,wrinkled up and starts sagging lyk an old lady..not forgetting glued dry skin all over my face.

ooopsss...how can i forget..
my anniversary and valentines coming up..
i m not exactly looking forward but just ..hehem..how should i say it..rolling my eyes as i cant find a right word..

cut it!

what else?

oh yeah!!!!!!

i bought quite a number of story books lately..since i m working,i dont mind sparing for that!!-satisfied smile-

thus its a way to keep me occupied to burn my loneliness..

i must say..the stories are awesome!no doubt,i m in love with it...swallow it,i might be back dated,i admit..but it's better then never reading it right?

twenties girl..made me imagine alot,i mean aloooot and i kept wishing unussual things...opsie...my boyfie stopped me from wishing it'so i shall not.

p.s:i love you..i just started reading..once done will let ya'll know :)

-reading while eating hershey's made my evening-